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Thank you for visiting. If you’re looking for new posts, please visit the Expert Messaging (Aust) website. Please note that we’ve stopped posting to emailetiquette.com.au In order to streamline the marketing processes at Expert Messaging (Aust), our blog posts are now published within the Expert Messaging website. Older posts (prior to 2014) will remain on […]

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What I learnt from the AIM WA Sundowner

This post relates to the presentation I delivered at the Australia Institute of Management WA Sundowner on May 30, 2013. It’s 6 o’clock on a Thursday night, and the crowd shuffles in. It’s me they’ve been coming to see, to learn about something they’ve been doing for a while. In case you haven’t picked it […]

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Great subject lines helped President Obama get to the White House

Now that the 2012 US Presidential race is over, the Obama camp has released some jaw dropping press releases about the way it used emails to raise funds during the election campaign. If you think email subject lines are not important, check out the below stats for starters: * Of the $690 million Obama fundraised, […]

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Top 3 Email (Productivity) Deployment Tips for IT Architects

Google’s Gmail is starting to steal some big Outlook customers from Microsoft. Microsoft counter punches with Outlook.com, Outlook 2013 and Exchange 2013. The email software sector is certainly far from boring at the moment with punches thrown from both sides. With the innovations and bargains being presented at the moment, it’s inevitable that some businesses […]

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spork - doing more with less

Conquering “Do More With Less” By Better Emailing

I was watching Tinkerbell with my younger daughter yesterday (for about the 50th time this month – those with young children will know what I’m going through) . I love the part where Tinkerbell creates this machine that spray red and black paint onto the ladybugs. Before she invented this machine, it used to take the […]

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What makes for a good email signature?

Have you seen the stuff people put in their email signature these days? It’s getting longer and longer by the day. Is it really necessary to tell everyone you love saving trees, your legal disclaimers, your last blog post, this month’s tip and your Skype/Yahoo/Google/MSN ID? When we provide advise on this point, we always […]

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email faster than ever

Email faster than ever… thanks to a new software I’m trialling

Faster email? How fast? In my line of business I get to play with all types of gadgets, software and other wonderful things. I grab them, I use them and I normally drop them after discovering their pitfalls (sadly). There are some that I continue to use because they are good and they stand the […]

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Emailing & Employee Engagement – Interview with Kenexa’s Andrew Brock

I’m always scouting for quality content and subject matter experts in my quest to deliver the best email etiquette related content on the Internet. One of the places I frequently hang out is LinkedIn – connecting, chatting, exchanging knowledge and just having a good time in general. It’s a great place to connect with people […]

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Is Emailing Unhealthy

Is emailing unhealthy?

I was talking to a Director of a large not for profit organisation in the health industry recently about the link between stress and emailing. In his opinion, stress is a difficult beast to quantify as it can appear in so many different forms. It’s hard to argue against that. He then progressed to state […]

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Expert Messaging (Aust) 2013

What new initiatives we’re working on for 2013…

Sorry we’ve been a little quiet lately but if you can hold out,  you’ll soon find out it’s all worth it. We’re working on plenty of new initiatives that will help lift the quality and quantity of content on this blog so that we can share more, and you can learn more. Here is what […]

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